The Masq “Dark Carnival”

The Masq “Dark Carnival”

This edition we are going to turn out nicely with this cool event. Of course with our two crazy DJs. Dj Omeo and Dj Silvano da Silva each with its own unique style that manages to bring you and all visitors to higher spheres.

In this edition it is mandatory to wear your mask our door ladies will see to it that this is maintained afterwards will be indicated at a random moment when it may be finished.

Dress sexy and stylish and enjoy all the attention you will receive. play and challenge each other in the castle where you will certainly make special memories.

Masked is required
No jeans and sneakers
Couples & Bi-Ladies Party! for couples & Bi-Ladies. No single men!!!!!!

Saturday, November 2nd
Open 21:00 till 4:00 am
Tickets at the door
Pricing: Women: €50,00 all-inclusive
Couples: €95,00 all-inclusive