Stars Hide Your Fires

[:en]Nick was waiting at the theatre. Those people that knew him would not be surprised. As a director Nick seemed to spend half (if not more) of his life in the theatre. His friends joked that half the time he slept there and probably ate and had sex there. If only they knew the truth.

However tonight was different. He was working on a new production, something a little bit more risqué than his previous works but it was good to branch out. He had cast most of the roles now but was still looking for a leading lady. A friend of his had mentioned Sarah so he had checked her out her resume and it seemed promising. A few phone calls later and having emailed her the audition section he was keen to see her do they had arranged to meet tonight. She was due any minute so he made his way down to the main doors. As he approached them he watched someone come round the corner. She was shorter than he had anticipated but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He was still eyeing her up as she walked up to the main door.

Nick unlocked in and greeted her as she walked in.

“Hi there, you must be Sarah – I’m Nick – it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Yes – that’s certainly me. I’m pleased to meet you as well – I’ve been a fan of your work for quite a while.”

As she walked inside he locked the door behind her and then gestured up the stairs allowing her to go first.

As she walked in front of him he had the chance to admire and appraise her. She was around five foot, maybe a fraction over. She looked taller but that was simply because of the gorgeous heels that showed off her stocking covered thighs. She was wearing a black dress that came down to her knee – not quite form hugging but tight enough that it showed off some particularly sensuous curves. Her large breasts caught his eye trapped within the black dress. However what really caught his eye and held his attention was her flaming red hair. It slowed down like a lava waterfall, cascading around her head down to just below her shoulders.

They reached the top of the staircase and he showed her the main stage with the seating. He had left a few of the spotlights on the stage ready rather than have to run up and do the lighting.

“So – you read the part okay – you understand the context? The play is all about the growing fascination with fetish and kink in the world after the popularity of Fifty Shades. And the risks that it entails for the unwary. It does involve some nudity and some kinky scenes for the main character as she spirals and delves deeper into what fascinates her. From your resume you have done some revealing scenes but nothing this in depth.”

“Yes – I understood that from the script and your notes. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m… well let’s just say I can relate to the main character.” She stood there blushing slightly.

“Great… That might make this even better.” Nick replied with a knowing grin. Inside he was already mentally undressing her in his mind and imagining all the wicked things he would love to do to her. Then he realised he would have the perfect opportunity to do those tonight and his imagination ran wild.

“Okay then – well the dressing rooms are this way – I left out a costume for you to put on for tonight’s audition – I hope you don’t mind revealing.”

“If it gets me the part I am sure I will be comfortable even if I was totally naked.” She grinned.

He led her through to the dressing room then left her to get changed. He went through to his office and flipped on the monitor that led to the hidden cameras he had installed. He would have told people who asked it was after a series of thefts but the real reason was his dirty mind and near obsession with sex. As it flicked on he could see Sarah picking up the costume and inspecting it. The main piece was a black corset style top that would emphasize her large breasts even more as well as show off her waist. There were also crotchless panties in black lace, a black collar for her neck and what looked like leather cuffs to fasten around her wrists.

As she slipped out of her dress he couldn’t help but open the front of his pants and slowly take out his very hard cock and start stroking it. Grinning an almost predatory smile he watched as she slipped off her panties and put on the crotchless ones. Her pert ass cheeks looked perfect for a spanking and he knew they would glow prettily before the end of the night. She kept her own stockings and heels on which looked great with the outfit. Fastening the collar around her neck and the cuffs to her wrists and ankles she stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Her naked torso was everything he had dreamed of.

He watched as she turned and admired herself from every angle – pale skin, black outfit and the flaming red hair that seemed to stand out against it all. As he slowly stroked his shaft he saw her trace her fingers up over her exposed pussy in the panties. He could tell she was turned on. He struggled to put his very thick, very hard cock away but managed it finally. Zipping up he made his way back to her door and knocked softly. She opened the door looking slightly flushed, hiding behind the frame.

“I wondered if you might need a hand with the corset – they aren’t the easiest thing in the world to lace up?”

“That would be really helpful – thank you Nick.”

As he walked into the room she was holding the corset in front of her, concealing her breasts – unaware that Nick had already been enjoying the view. Her skin was flushed and warm to the touch as he moved around behind her. She jumped as the tips of his fingers caressed the skin just about her panties and then he gripped the corset pulling it tight. Slowly doing up the laces he watched as she adjusted herself. Trying not to show too much of her breasts over the top of the corset. Tightening it up and tying it off his fingers stroked across her shoulder blades.

“I guess it fits.” She said – the blush and crimson on her cheeks almost matching her hair.

Playing it cool he nodded. “Yes – it’s a great fit – looks perfect on you like you were made for the role. Let’s make our way onto the stage and see about your delivery.”

Leading her up onto the stage he explained the set up. “This is a scene towards the end of the play. She began as a quiet house wife and it’s about her descent into the depraved. Over the course of the acts she started with little things but this is the final scene – she speaks a few lines then is put into the harness. She thinks it is to meet her lover but he has been delayed. She is found in the room, suspended, helpless and surrounded by men in masks who then move towards her. That’s the point where the lights go down leaving her final fall from grace to the imagination.”

“That sounds do-able…”

“I’m going to wait off to the side while you deliver the lines then I’ll come on to help you into the harness so you can see how it works.”

Nick ambled off to the side, aware of how hard his cock was and the tent it was making in his pants. He leaned against the back wall and watched her delivery. He had to admit it was flawless – she was perfect for the role – the real question is would she still be willing after what he was going to do to the perfect little fucktoy.

As her delivery finished and she moved towards the harness he stepped onto the stage and helped her. One section went around her shoulders and fastened to the collar around her throat. Her arms were strapped behind her helplessly and a rope fastened to each of the ankle cuffs. Once she was strapped in and fully secured he moved to behind the curtain again and operated the winch. It was a simple mechanism but slowly lifted her off the floor then rotated, slackening the shoulder rig whilst drawing up the leg rig until she was suspended horizontally from the floor about waist height. With a more purposeful walk he moved back onto the stage to meet her.

“How is that Sarah? Secure? Do you feel helpless and bound?”

“It feels weird but incredible at the same time. I can’t move at all.”

Nick ran his hand over the exposed skin of her hip, teasing her soft flesh with the tips of his fingers, watching goosebumps rise on her skin. “Well I guess now we come to the real part of the audition – where I see if you’re really willing to do whatever it takes to get the role.”

“What?” She asked. He saw her already pale skin go even paler as her mind started to race – he could almost see the thoughts and cogs whirring inside her mind. Walking round behind her suspended body he gripped both legs and pushed them apart. Due to the way she was suspended she couldn’t muster up enough force to close them. Leaving her pussy exposed in the crotchless panties. Leaning down Nick kissed the insides of her knees softly teasing her.

“No, no, no…” Her breathless whispers of denial only served to encourage him further as his kisses slid up the insides of her thighs. Dropping to his knees to get easier access he ran his tongue over her slit, tasting her gorgeous smooth, neat little pussy for the first time. She was as delicious as he hoped. With the tips of his fingers he spread her open so he could feast on her. The taste of her on his lips and tongue was intoxicating and her feeble resistance had completely faded to soft moans with ever stroke of his tongue over her engorged clit.

He was a master at this and every movement of his tongue excited her more and more. The little flicks over her clit, the slow broad strokes from the base to the apex of her slit, the teasing lapping and pressure of his lips all served to excite her. He could sense the pressure building inside but didn’t want her to peak too soon. As he felt her getting close, the trembling and shaking of her body building, he pulled back – leaving her panting and desperate for a release.

Slipping off his shirt and pants he stood naked and walked around in front of her. As he stepped into her line of sight he heard her sharp intake of breath and grinned. Whilst not super long he was a good length but thick as well. And with her totally at his mercy he was very, very hard.

With power and confidence in every stride he walked up to her and twisted his fingers in her hair. “Open your mouth for me slut… you’re mine to do with as I please tonight and if you’re really good you will get the part and to cum.” Slowly, reluctantly she opened her mouth and within a heartbeat his shaft was filling it. She was good. He could tell she was reluctant to start with but as he slid his thick shaft between her lips he could tell that she was even more turned on as she started trying to bob her head within the limit of what the harness allowed. He thrust deep into her mouth, holding his cock there making her choke, he watched the tears well up in her eyes as she turned an interesting colour before sliding back and allowing her to catch her breath.

He stroked his thick cock slowly in front of her, watching as her eyes never left the movement of his hand over his shaft. He decided now was the right time and walked back to her legs spreading them wide. “Wait…” She cried out but it was too late. Lining up his thick shaft he entered her roughly. His cock split her sweet cunt in two, filling her like she had never enjoyed in the past, burying his full length inside her in on hard thrust. She shrieked in a mix of pleasure and pain as his hands gripped her hips – pulling her back onto his rod even as he thrust forwards.

Revelling in the tight pleasure of her pussy he fucked her with long slow strokes. His shaft was coated with her wetness making his cock plunge deep inside her over and over. Pulling out for a minute he brought his hand down on her pantie covered ass with a sharp crack. She whimpered and over the next few minutes he rained blow after blow onto her ass. Entering her roughly again he took a good grip and started pounding her over and over. He needed to cum now and he knew where he was going to do it.

Thrusting deep and hard he angled his cock, rolling his hips searching for the best spot – he knew when he found it as her breathing changed and the moans she made were louder. He slammed into her at that angle over and over and was rewarded with her first orgasm around his cock. She cried out – her voice filling the stage and theatre as she exploded.

His movements were losing their rhythm now just as he pushed her over the edge into another orgasm of her own. He fucked her hard and fast as she came – her pussy clamping down around his cock. Pulling out he spread her ass cheeks and worked his hard cock against her tiny red rose bud. His cock started to spear into her – the noises she made excited him even more. He forced his thick hard cock into her tiny asshole and exploded filling her ass with stream after stream of his cum. It pulsed and throbbed deep inside her as he filled her with his seed.

He drew himself out of her slowly, watching his cum drip out of her abused body. On slightly shaky legs he walked over to the winch and slowly let her down until her feet touched the floor. He walked over and helped her out of the harness.

“Well – you definitely earned the part if you still want it Sarah…” He grinned at her as she tried to decide if she was pissed at him or it was worth it.

“I’ll take it… as long as we can rehearse that last scene a few more times…” She grinned at him weakly before sitting down on the nearby bed gingerly.

Wickedly he smiled back. She was his now