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We understand that coming too one of our events for the first time or coming to Castele Waterloo could raise some questions.

See below our FAQ’s if you still have a question please fill out our form in the contact page here Contact

Events and Castle Waterloo FAQ

It will be my first visit, what can I expect when I arrive?

The remote controlled gate of the Castle will open for you. Our parking/security attendant will direct you to a convenient place in our spacious car-park. A ring on the doorbell will bring a member of staff to greet you. They will quickly inform you of our house rules and give you any other information you may require. You will be given a key for a clothes cupboard and directed to the changing room (Garderobe). On the way there you will have your first glimpse of the ground floor layout and how people are dressed. When you have changed, our Castle will be at your disposal.

On the ground floor you can enjoy our cold buffet in the dining room or on the open-air terrace. In the bar we offer a good range of drinks, music and a “disco” lit dance floor all of which provide a relaxed, intimate atmosphere for meeting other guests. On the first floor you will find our “relaxation” rooms, fitted out to cater for varying tastes. All guests are free to enter or leave these rooms at any time. Also on this floor are the Sauna, showers, bidets and toilets.


Who is eligible for the Waterloo Castle? In principle everyone. But couples only for Couples parties are on our 1th. & 3d. Saturday. There are Mixed (Couples/Singles) parties on Friday & the 2d. 4th. and/or 5th Saturday.

What is the difference between a Couples Party and a Mixed Party? Couples Parties are very relaxing evenings with absolutely no obligations for any guest except for the dress theme applicable on that night. Mixed Parties are more active with couples and singles looking for that extra “kick”. Also, absolutely no obligations for any guest except for the dress theme.

What is the proportion of singles to couples in a Mixed Party? About even, plus a number of single ladies making a pleasing mix, agreeable to all, especially the ladies.

Which Party would be best for me/us for the first visit?

For couples exploring new experiences the 1th. or 3d. Saturday of the month because it’s a relaxed evening with absolutely no obligations. Our group-sex parties on Friday & the 2d. 4th. and/or 5th. Saturday are very suitable for couples and ladies interested in Trio’s or Group-sex with a number of men. For singles any mixed party would be O.K. bearing in mind your own preference for dress.

Will I be nervous? Of course you will! but when you feel the atmosphere and see the civilized behavior it won’t be long before you feel “at home”. Remember our motto: The Waterloo Castle knows no strangers, only friends you have never met before.

What age group will we meet? The majority of our guests are in the 25 – 50 age group but younger and older ladies and gentlemen are always amongst them.

Do you let anyone and everyone in? As a private establishment your hosts have the right to refuse entrance to anyone without having to discuss their reasons to those concerned. It goes without saying that any guests refusing to conduct themselves within the rules of the Castle will not be admitted in the future.

As guests, have we any sexual obligations? NO! Apart from our house rules and the variable dress themes the motto of tolerant people applies: Everything allowed, Nothing Forced..

Are condoms required? Are they obtainable in the Castle? We always advise “safesex” condoms are freely available at the bar. Our staff will be happy to discretely meet your request..

What music do you play? A wide selection of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, dance-trance and disco music. during the Mestrious castle event also house, deep-house and tech-house

Would a trio be allowed in on a Saturday? A trio consisting of a couple and a lady are always welcome. A trio consisting of a couple and a man would only be given entrance on the Fridays & the 2d. 4th. and/or 5th. Saturday (groupsex party for couples & singles).. .

What is included in the “all-inclusive” price? all-inclusive includes all drinks, buffet, condoms and facilities i.e. sauna, showers and towels etc.. A very limited choice of cigarettes are usually available but our staff will require payment in exchange for them.